The community driven currency!

The SONO project is a crypto venture built by young entrepreneurs who wish to spread the word of cryptocurrency.


SONO has been listed on multiple exchanges ready for trading!

Great community

We have a very dedicated community that chooses the coins future!


A solid roadmap with a clear vision and an active dev team behind it.


What Make Us Awesome!

Proof of Stake

SONO combines both PoS and PoW.

Phase 1
During phase 1 the block reward is 0.5 SONO with a block time of 60 seconds
The PoS reward is 180% APR during phase 1

Phase 2
Phase 2 starts at block 720.000. At Phase 2 the rewards shift.
The block reward changes from 1 to 2 SONO per block and the PoS reward is reduced to 50% APR.


SONO releases with masternodes enabled. The cost of a masternode is 1000 SONO.
Masternodes are rewarded 25% of both PoW and PoS blocks.

Web Wallet

The SONO development team has created a web wallet that allows the user to stake along with a hand full of other helpful features to make your life easier.
We are constantly looking for feedback so if there is anything you'd like to see in the web wallet send us a message on our official discord server!

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Our Team

Meet Our Team


Founder & Community manager

Born and currently living in Denmark. I live with a passion for crypto currency and wish to share this with the world in my many projects.


Co-founder & Head of development

Originally from Holland, I moved to the UK to pursue a career in web development. I've got a great passion for everything to do with the world of crypto and strive to share this with our community.


Lead developer


Esports manager

I’m born and raised in Denmark, where gaming and esport always have been a part of my life. Therefore it is natural for me to be the esports manager of Sono. I will do whatever it takes to make Sono a part of the eSports world.


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